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Welcome to my life.

I am an husband, father and beard tamer. My profession is engineering. I've spent time in several different fields of engineering, including machine learning and computer vision in grad school, firmware development, systems engineering, and Android applications, and most recently - web development. My educational background is in Computer Science (B.S, MS) and Mathematics (B.S.) which has enabled me to grow in several differing areas of development.
Most importantly, I am a Christian. I've spent time as a Wycliffe missionary automating software testing as well as being a foster dad. We have two daughters and are adoping the older one this year!

Things I Can Do

You may be wondering about the details of my skillset in engineering and range of polymathery. Here I have prepared a short list of those skills and interests as well as a link to my resume for those most curious.

  • Languages: C, Java, Python, JavaScript, Bash Shell, C++, Ruby, Scheme, Go, French, Japanese, Spanish, Esperanto
  • Environments: Linux, Android, Embedded, System-level, Web, React, NodeJS, Bootstrap, OOP, Imperative, Functional, porches, lakes, boating, hiking, camping, coffeeshops
  • Book Learning: Bible, Theology, Web Development, Linux, Systems Engineering, Stephen King, Mystery, Science Fiction, Adventure, Language books, Grad School Survival Guide
  • My family, my church and my work are my community. I love teaching the Bible; and learning new ways to make cool software.
  • I like my coffee black, whiskey on the rocks, and beer IPA.
  • Theology and engineering are my passions.

Latest News

Keeping up to date on my life? Here is some of the latest news in the McCoppin clan.


We've been fostering since 2017 or so. Our second foster child has become our own child. We adopted her in March 2019. We are so thankful to have the privilege of calling her our daughter.

Bible Teacher

I've been teaching the Bible since around 2009 at various levels. For the past five years I've been teaching exegetically through books twice a month. We've been though Galatians, Ephesians, James, Daniel, the Parables of Jesus (current) in that time.

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